America, Alcohol and Marijuana – Legal and Illegal Drugs, Which is Better?


America the beautiful. Everyday in America, millions of people get off of work and head to the local bar to loosen up and have a few drinks. Sometimes this simply innocent routine leads to an everyday addiction. I got to have a drink, it relaxes me. Is the attitude of millions of Americans who have a dependence on alcohol?

I used to be an alcoholic myself. I loved to drink and get a buzz, my problem was I didn’t know when to stop drinking. All of your troubles and cares go away when your drunk. When your drunk you can’t think logically. You also loose your inhibitions when your drunk and you end up in alot of bad relationships. You end up losing your self worth. You end up getting caught driving drunk and you lose your license to drive and possibly your car.


Then you end up losing your job. You don’t have a job so now you lose your home.

But, it is so easy to forget about your problems when you have drank a fifth of Jack Danial’s and chased it with a six pack of Budweiser. Whiskey was often referred to as “spirits” in the old days. I believe to many of these spirits turn into demons and the worst comes out of you.

Alcohol alone by itself is dangerous enough but when mixed with other drugs is a dangerous and deadly combination, not only to the user but to the people around him. Alcohol is a sedative it makes a person feel relaxed. Marijuana does the exact same thing when smoked and inhaled. It makes a person feel relaxed it also has a way to expand your mind. There are big differences between the two, the first one is that the alcohol is legal and marijuana is not legal. The second big one is the way the two effect you.

I have consumed both of these and the effects of the two are very different. I don’t like being drunk. I feel out of control. Yet, I have never smoked marijuana that has ever made me feel out of control. This is the difference between marijuana and alcohol from my personal experience.

I firmly believe that marijuana should be legalized. To an extent that a person should be allowed to grow up to one pound a year and could legally carry around an ounce. If the government could come up with a plan to legalize marijuana and tax it.

We could possibly wipe out the national debt just by taxing marijuana use. Not everyone wants to admit it that they do or have used marijuana. But, I guarantee that at least 80% of Americans have tried marijuana. I would even suggest that at least 50% of Americans use marijuana on a regular basis. My figures could be wrong because I haven’t conducted any scientific research myself.

But I have known people who smoked marijuana all of their life. I have meet people from all over the 50 states and in every region of the U.S. and it seemed like ever where I went there were marijuana users. Every time I have been in a group of people and offered to “burn one” , the response was usually one of acceptance. Alot of my friendships began because of our mutual use of marijuana. For those of you that have never “Lit one up”, my heart goes out to you. It is the most relaxing and mind expanding drug ever created by God. Marijuana is God’s drug. I believe he created it for the pleasure of mankind to enjoy.

Marijuana was intended to be used for many more things than just smoking. It could be used as an herb to spice our food. It has oil in it that could be used for cooking or any number of other uses. The stems of the plant can be used for making rope, string, and clothing.

Marijuana has countless industrial uses that we have never been able to explore because it is an illegal drug. Wouldn’t it be ironic if one day we found that marijuana was the cure for most of our major aches and pains. We just never knew because the government won’t let us use it because it is illegal and you are still subject to drug testing.

I know there are those of you that have never used marijuana and it is not acceptable in your circle of friends and associates. There are people who grew up not being exposed to marijuana. There are those who know not of the ability of a drug that can ease your pain and relax you at the same time.

You just know that the government tells you it is illegal. Yet, on the other hand we have an addictive drug like alcohol that is legal? My dad and uncles were alcoholics and my brothers are marijuana smokers. From my experience the marijuana smokers are much more healthier than the drinkers. The drinkers always die at an earlier age, sometimes from a driving related accident. Alcohol and marijuana have similar effects on the body.

I hope that marijuana will be legalized and regulated by the U.S.A. just like alcohol and prescription drugs. Instead of spending millions of dollars trying to fight the war on drugs. The government needs to take control of the marijuana that is grown in America.

I believe we would have a large exporting of this crop also. I believe the main reason the government will not legalize marijuana is because it believes it will not be able to have control of marijuana.

After all it is just a weed that can grow anywhere with a few seeds,water and sun. It only takes a marijuana plant maybe three months to mature and start producing the buds that are smoked and sold illegally. If marijuana was legal people would be growing it everywhere and the government wouldn’t be able to control or tax every single bud. This is one main reason why marijuana has not and probably will never be legalized.been legalized.