Legalized Marijuana: a Gold Mine for the Canadian Government

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Legalized Marijuana: A Gold Mine for the Canadian Government
When is a drug dealer not a drug dealer?

When he marks up his dope by 1500% and calls himself Health Canada.

According to a recent report by the Canadian Press, Canadian patients are feeling pain in more ways than one. Pain patients are paying 15 times what the federal government pays for certified medical marijuana or cannabis. That’s according to Health Canada records obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Health Canada procures the weed from Prairie Plant Systems for just under $330 a kilogram. The government then resells it as pain medication for $150 per 30 grams; that’s $5000 per kilogram.

Prairie Plant Systems grows its medicinal pot in a mine shaft in the northern Manitoba town of Flin Flon under a government contract estimated at just over 10 million dollars.

Nearly 1750 Canadian patients have been given government approval to possess marijuana for pain control. Some patients (totaling just over 1000) have even been given the go-ahead to grow pot for themselves or have a friend grow the cannabis for them. But that’s going to change.

canadian weed legalisation

The Canadian government plans to cancel the licenses allowing patients to grow medical marijuana for their own use, as early as next year. So, patients needing medical weed to alleviate pain will have no choice but to pay Health Canada’s excessive prices. The Canadian goverment would also stop drug testing , it might be bad for those companies who sell detox products and fake pee for drug test, but these are minor issues.

The Canadian government began legally selling medical marijuana after scientific research provided data proving that marijuana eases pain when other pain medications fail.

The Legalization of Marijuana


It is evident that movements of change are often inevitable and unavoidable, no matter how long opposition is present. It is the decision of the society in which this change occurs, to accept it, and grant this change access into their world. Or, oppose it and strive to keep the normalcy and ways of the past.

However, before this decision is indirectly made by society, they must recognize this change as benefiting them, or hurting them. In the case of the legalization of marijuana, this change would benefit our nation as a whole. The benefits we would see would be reaped by not only by those who originally desired it to be legalized, but also for those who opposed it. In other terms, the positive change it will bring will affect everyone, in some way, whether they want it to or not.

Within the ongoing fight over this matter, there is a great deal of smaller facets, and minor disagreements that have made this issue a significant and very public issue. It is time to legalize marijuana; the benefits greatly outweigh the miniscule consequences of it. The support for it, and the reason and fact that stands behind this argument, is only gaining for strength and growing as time goes on.

The government can not longer deny marijuana its appropriate place in society today as the benefits of legalization become clearer to people everywhere.

Marijuana is constantly criticized for its general properties that some people take into account in terms of health risks and the effect it has on the safety of people, and consequences it may have on life. Marijuana is non-toxic and generally a safe substance to use.

Opposition argues that habitual use may lead to severe health problems. Yet, this is true of most substances when habitually used, or used in excess. For example, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, all have properties that in fact, are more harmful than marijuana.

Legal cannabis

Also, overuse is recognized of these substances, yet institutionalized in society, unlike marijuana. If legalization was passed, there would be medical benefits as well. It is widely known through research, that marijuana does have actually medical properties, and can be utilized in a controlled setting for medical aid. It is generally accepted that medical marijuana can be used to aid in chemotherapy, glaucoma, appetite, and many neurological disorders, among a long list of reasons.

In fact, the medical marijuana within states that have decriminalized it, such as California, has seen the health benefits in society, that don’t necessarily have a negative effect on society. In truth, the greatest health benefit of marijuana is its safety, unlike other medicines.

No one has ever died from using too much marijuana. Marijuana is a naturally occurring substance that in essence has properties that can be utilized and be useful and beneficial to people.

Perhaps the more widely seen part of marijuana is the effort the government puts forth into keep it illegal and out of people hands. Within this losing battle, millions are spent on eradicating the growing, transportation, distribution and use of marijuana. However, the prevalence of these marijuana related ‘crimes’ are a direct result of the government’s policies that classify these acts as unlawful and illegal.

The money the government would save if marijuana was legalized is simply, outrageous.

We as society would benefit from this as the financial aspect of legalization would give a boost to other government aspects that need stimulation right now such as our economy and healthcare. Marijuana is the largest cash crop in California, legal or illegal. That fact alone goes to show how the rapid growth of marijuana and all its aspects in society have become so large and prevalent, has caused the government to spend the ridiculous amounts of money on keeping it illegal.

They cannot keep up, and legalization would disperse this money to elsewhere. The money spent on jail, and keep people incarcerated contributes to the battle for legalization. Our country also spends a huge amount of money on prisoners’ each year. In fact, One third of those prisoners being nonviolent drug offenders. There were 14,005,615 Marijuana related arrests in total in 2008 with only 594,911 of those being violent crimes.

This highlights the fact that people are often receiving unfair sentences, due to marijuana related crimes. Furthermore, this takes up a significant amount of prison space that could otherwise be used adequately for more serious criminals, such as murderers and rapists.

The fight for the legalization is a subject highly spoke of among politicians, as it remains such a burning issue. Yet, it is not this attention that will potentially cause the legalization of marijuana. It is the passionate, well-informed and driven people that can see the truth within marijuana as a legal substance in society. It would be rash to put a birth date on the battle for legalizing it, as people have been using it as well as supporting its legalization for many decades now.

There are few health risks, positive medical use, saving of mass amounts of federal money, and all negative parts of the war on marijuana would naturally subside.

The force behind its support for legalization will not go away, and will continue until it is legalized. It has been this way for a long time, and there is nothing that will or can change it, besides the complete legalization of it.

Supporters have made this clear, and will not stop due to the multitude of reasons for having it legalized. It is evident that regulation and control, is exponentially more successful than illegalization.Unfortunately drug testing is still going and we are forced to use fake pee for drug test or detox drinks otherwise we are going to lose our job or even our freedom.

Much of the rationale behind marijuana as a legal substance lies within the desire of the people, and their presentation of reason, as a society.

Legalizing marijuana would not silence these people, but validate their reason for having a legal substance in society that benefits people, rather than fueling a host of problems.

America, Alcohol and Marijuana – Legal and Illegal Drugs, Which is Better?


America the beautiful. Everyday in America, millions of people get off of work and head to the local bar to loosen up and have a few drinks. Sometimes this simply innocent routine leads to an everyday addiction. I got to have a drink, it relaxes me. Is the attitude of millions of Americans who have a dependence on alcohol?

I used to be an alcoholic myself. I loved to drink and get a buzz, my problem was I didn’t know when to stop drinking. All of your troubles and cares go away when your drunk. When your drunk you can’t think logically. You also loose your inhibitions when your drunk and you end up in alot of bad relationships. You end up losing your self worth. You end up getting caught driving drunk and you lose your license to drive and possibly your car.


Then you end up losing your job. You don’t have a job so now you lose your home.

But, it is so easy to forget about your problems when you have drank a fifth of Jack Danial’s and chased it with a six pack of Budweiser. Whiskey was often referred to as “spirits” in the old days. I believe to many of these spirits turn into demons and the worst comes out of you.

Alcohol alone by itself is dangerous enough but when mixed with other drugs is a dangerous and deadly combination, not only to the user but to the people around him. Alcohol is a sedative it makes a person feel relaxed. Marijuana does the exact same thing when smoked and inhaled. It makes a person feel relaxed it also has a way to expand your mind. There are big differences between the two, the first one is that the alcohol is legal and marijuana is not legal. The second big one is the way the two effect you.

I have consumed both of these and the effects of the two are very different. I don’t like being drunk. I feel out of control. Yet, I have never smoked marijuana that has ever made me feel out of control. This is the difference between marijuana and alcohol from my personal experience.

I firmly believe that marijuana should be legalized. To an extent that a person should be allowed to grow up to one pound a year and could legally carry around an ounce. If the government could come up with a plan to legalize marijuana and tax it.

We could possibly wipe out the national debt just by taxing marijuana use. Not everyone wants to admit it that they do or have used marijuana. But, I guarantee that at least 80% of Americans have tried marijuana. I would even suggest that at least 50% of Americans use marijuana on a regular basis. My figures could be wrong because I haven’t conducted any scientific research myself.

But I have known people who smoked marijuana all of their life. I have meet people from all over the 50 states and in every region of the U.S. and it seemed like ever where I went there were marijuana users. Every time I have been in a group of people and offered to “burn one” , the response was usually one of acceptance. Alot of my friendships began because of our mutual use of marijuana. For those of you that have never “Lit one up”, my heart goes out to you. It is the most relaxing and mind expanding drug ever created by God. Marijuana is God’s drug. I believe he created it for the pleasure of mankind to enjoy.

Marijuana was intended to be used for many more things than just smoking. It could be used as an herb to spice our food. It has oil in it that could be used for cooking or any number of other uses. The stems of the plant can be used for making rope, string, and clothing.

Marijuana has countless industrial uses that we have never been able to explore because it is an illegal drug. Wouldn’t it be ironic if one day we found that marijuana was the cure for most of our major aches and pains. We just never knew because the government won’t let us use it because it is illegal and you are still subject to drug testing.

I know there are those of you that have never used marijuana and it is not acceptable in your circle of friends and associates. There are people who grew up not being exposed to marijuana. There are those who know not of the ability of a drug that can ease your pain and relax you at the same time.

You just know that the government tells you it is illegal. Yet, on the other hand we have an addictive drug like alcohol that is legal? My dad and uncles were alcoholics and my brothers are marijuana smokers. From my experience the marijuana smokers are much more healthier than the drinkers. The drinkers always die at an earlier age, sometimes from a driving related accident. Alcohol and marijuana have similar effects on the body.

I hope that marijuana will be legalized and regulated by the U.S.A. just like alcohol and prescription drugs. Instead of spending millions of dollars trying to fight the war on drugs. The government needs to take control of the marijuana that is grown in America.

I believe we would have a large exporting of this crop also. I believe the main reason the government will not legalize marijuana is because it believes it will not be able to have control of marijuana.

After all it is just a weed that can grow anywhere with a few seeds,water and sun. It only takes a marijuana plant maybe three months to mature and start producing the buds that are smoked and sold illegally. If marijuana was legal people would be growing it everywhere and the government wouldn’t be able to control or tax every single bud. This is one main reason why marijuana has not and probably will never be legalized.been legalized.

Fastest way to get THC out of your system

fastest way to pass a drug test

You have an upcoming drug test so you are looking for the fastest way to get THC our of your system or you just want to pass the test as fast as possible and forget it forever? There are many different ways to pass a drug test, detoxing is probably the not the best and definately not the easiest way. As we all know THC is stored in our fat cells and its really hard to get rid of it. Even you use drugs those will leave your system quite fast, but unluckily the most harmless drug can be found in your body even after weeks of detoxing.

If you are looking to pass your test, the fastest and safest way is synthetic piss or some kind of detox liquid. Synthetic piss is the easiest just heat it up and submit, make sure you read some customer revies first, do not just buy the first one in your local smoke shop. Same goes for detox drinks, there are tons of different drinks, they all promise the same, but just a very few % of them work really well. Check out some youtube videos, marijuana forums and articles to find the best solution for yourself.

Fastest way to get weed out is your system

The fastest way to get rid of THC is not natural, however you can speed it up the process significantly if you do the natural method in the same time. I suggest you to use Toxin Rid marijuana detox pills for the best and most effective detox. There are different detox programs to choose from, it all depends on your. If you are a heavy user with big % of body fat then you should take Toxin Rid’s 7 to 10 days detox program, if you smoke less probably 5 days would be enough.

1 day detox program

I would like to warn you to stay away from any product what offers 1-2 days detox, its just simply not possible. Your body needs more time to get rid of all the toxins, doesnt matter what they promise you CAN NOT clean your system of THC within 1-2 days. Toxin Rid also had 1-2 and 3 days plans, but these are just supplements, they work very well for Mega clean detox drink. If you want to get clean of drugs and rely on Toxin Rid only, than take no less than 7 days. The biggest package is 10 days program, but you can extend it fwith additional days for discounted price.

Best way to clean your system fast

fastest way to get THC out of your systemThe best way to get rid of THC is using Toxin rid detox program as I mentioned earlier for a good 7-10 days. Beside using Toxin Rid you should try t detox your body naturally. I am not talking about some shit chinese detox tee or some green juice program. What you need is to change your life style a little bit, do not eat shit fast food, you need to get rid of all the toxins, eat veggies as much as you can, fiber rich food is the best during detox.

Drink as much water as you can, do not over do it, but a few gallons every day is recommended. Exercise a few hours every day,anything what make you sweat works! And the most important part, do not even think about smoking a joint during detox.

To sum it up

The fastest full detox program is Toxin rid detox pills combined with drinking water, eating healthy and exercising daily, drinking some diuretics like cranberry juice can also help, but do not follow and stupid home remedie program, because non of them work. If you just need to pass the test and you will light your next joint right after the testing lab, then you highly suggest to check out some synthetic urine reviews or go with mega clean detox drink for drug test.

Different positive effects of cannabis or weed for users

When the individuals are using cannabis or weed in the regular or daily manner then they will definitely get several numbers of positive effects on their health and activities. The following are some of the positive effects of smoking weed for the users.

•Creativity – There is the most important reason that so many numbers of employees, business entrepreneurs and also those people who are all involving in the arts field are regularly using the cannabis or weed for their smoking habit. Within just 30 minutes of weed smoking, everyone can definitely make your brain very creative. A lot of famous artists are using such weeds to activate their brain cells in order to do a lot of creative works. For the excellent creativity and critical thinking, weed has the best effects at all. At the same time, it has a capability to connect the abstract thoughts of the people towards the creative thinking.

•Better sleep – Some of the people are struggling to get a proper and quick sleep at the night time. Such kinds of people can make use of the weed because it will put you to sleep faster and also provide deep sleep for the longer time. The various types of weeds or cannabis actually induce deep sleep of the humans and as well as clear all unwanted toxins from your brain. During the sleeping time, your body will take some more time to repair itself for maintaining your health better. A lot of studies have mentioned that cannabis or weed will be really very helpful to correct the sleeping pattern of the humans. At the same time, it will correct your poor deep sleep problem which is connected to the different types of health conditions to improve your sleep.