Fake pee for drug test,what is the best?

best fake pee

Using fake pee for drug test is getting more and more popular, people starting to realize that Certo and other bullshit home remedies for drug test are too risky, not an option for smart people. There are bunch of low quality synthetic urine on the market, but there are a few what I can recommend and I can guarantee, if the temperature is good, you will pass the test with flying colors.

Why you should use fake pee for drug test

The most important reason why you should use synthetic urine is because this is the easiest and fastest way to pass a test. Its almost risk free if you can heat it up and keep it on the correct temperature. The best synthetic urine brands all include urea, uric acid in their fake urine and they do not contain chemicals what are normally not found in real human urine.

The best synthetic urine brands also look and even smell like real pee. Some even have some small foam on the top, if the lab assistant will see that he would never think its fake.

fake pee for drug test

Why many people fail with synthetic urine

There are three reasons why some people fail with synthetic urine, actually its all their fault, let me explain in in more details:

The test is supervised: If the test is supervised, then its not a good idea to use fake pee for drug test. You will need a urinator device like incognito belt or the whizzinator, its still risky, but without these urine belts, there is no way you could submit the urine sample without getting caught.

Low quality synthetic urine: There are so much crap out there as you probably know. Do not just buy the first one what you see in your local smoke shop, do not rely on what the shop assistant say, always check out some legit synthetic urine reviews before purchasing anything. There are also a lot of paid and fake reviews on amazon and Ebay, be careful with them, do not buy crap like: U pass, Klean stream, X stream, Urine luck or Magnum. These are all crap, their formula wasn’t updated in the last few years and they do not contain urea and uric acid.

Too cold or too hot urine temperature: This is the most crucial part. Even if you bought the best synthetic urine available if you can not keep the urine on the right temperature you will fail the test, the lab assistant will refuse to take your sample and you will have to redo it with someone standing behind you, be very careful!

What is the best fake pee for drug test

The best fake urine what you can buy is called Sub Solution, its the best and also the most expensive synthetic urine available. It contains over 13 chemicals, the manufacturer updates the formula every year, so you won’t get caught easily. Beside the essential chemicals, it looks exactly like real human piss, not like some radioactive colored water. Those fake urine samples will be refused immediately.

But in my opinion the best part is the heat activator powder, this powder makes the heating process so easy. Like I mentioned earlier, keeping it warm is the most crucial part. With other fake piss brands, you need to use microwave then wrap it with hand warmer to keep it hot enough, but it often doesn’t work. Using Sub Solution is easy, the flask has built in thermometer so you can see how is the temperature, usually adding the 1/3 of the powder is enough to raise the temp to 94-98 degrees. These are the reasons why Sub Soltuion is the best fake pee for drug test available.

How to keep urine warm for drug test

If for some reasons you do not have enough time to order Sub Solution online then head over to your local smoke shop and try to find Monkey whizz or Quick Fix 6.1 synthetic urine, these are also good alternatives, they are not the best, but far better than most synthetic urine available. Be careful with the heating process, make sure you buy some hand warmers and try to heat the urine 20-30 minutes before getting to the lab.