Fastest way to get THC out of your system

fastest way to pass a drug test

You have an upcoming drug test so you are looking for the fastest way to get THC our of your system or you just want to pass the test as fast as possible and forget it forever? There are many different ways to pass a drug test, detoxing is probably the not the best and definately not the easiest way. As we all know THC is stored in our fat cells and its really hard to get rid of it. Even you use drugs those will leave your system quite fast, but unluckily the most harmless drug can be found in your body even after weeks of detoxing.

If you are looking to pass your test, the fastest and safest way is synthetic piss or some kind of detox liquid. Synthetic piss is the easiest just heat it up and submit, make sure you read some customer revies first, do not just buy the first one in your local smoke shop. Same goes for detox drinks, there are tons of different drinks, they all promise the same, but just a very few % of them work really well. Check out some youtube videos, marijuana forums and articles to find the best solution for yourself.

Fastest way to get weed out is your system

The fastest way to get rid of THC is not natural, however you can speed it up the process significantly if you do the natural method in the same time. I suggest you to use Toxin Rid marijuana detox pills for the best and most effective detox. There are different detox programs to choose from, it all depends on your. If you are a heavy user with big % of body fat then you should take Toxin Rid’s 7 to 10 days detox program, if you smoke less probably 5 days would be enough.

1 day detox program

I would like to warn you to stay away from any product what offers 1-2 days detox, its just simply not possible. Your body needs more time to get rid of all the toxins, doesnt matter what they promise you CAN NOT clean your system of THC within 1-2 days. Toxin Rid also had 1-2 and 3 days plans, but these are just supplements, they work very well for Mega clean detox drink. If you want to get clean of drugs and rely on Toxin Rid only, than take no less than 7 days. The biggest package is 10 days program, but you can extend it fwith additional days for discounted price.

Best way to clean your system fast

fastest way to get THC out of your systemThe best way to get rid of THC is using Toxin rid detox program as I mentioned earlier for a good 7-10 days. Beside using Toxin Rid you should try t detox your body naturally. I am not talking about some shit chinese detox tee or some green juice program. What you need is to change your life style a little bit, do not eat shit fast food, you need to get rid of all the toxins, eat veggies as much as you can, fiber rich food is the best during detox.

Drink as much water as you can, do not over do it, but a few gallons every day is recommended. Exercise a few hours every day,anything what make you sweat works! And the most important part, do not even think about smoking a joint during detox.

To sum it up

The fastest full detox program is Toxin rid detox pills combined with drinking water, eating healthy and exercising daily, drinking some diuretics like cranberry juice can also help, but do not follow and stupid home remedie program, because non of them work. If you just need to pass the test and you will light your next joint right after the testing lab, then you highly suggest to check out some synthetic urine reviews or go with mega clean detox drink for drug test.