Legalized Marijuana: a Gold Mine for the Canadian Government

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Legalized Marijuana: A Gold Mine for the Canadian Government
When is a drug dealer not a drug dealer?

When he marks up his dope by 1500% and calls himself Health Canada.

According to a recent report by the Canadian Press, Canadian patients are feeling pain in more ways than one. Pain patients are paying 15 times what the federal government pays for certified medical marijuana or cannabis. That’s according to Health Canada records obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Health Canada procures the weed from Prairie Plant Systems for just under $330 a kilogram. The government then resells it as pain medication for $150 per 30 grams; that’s $5000 per kilogram.

Prairie Plant Systems grows its medicinal pot in a mine shaft in the northern Manitoba town of Flin Flon under a government contract estimated at just over 10 million dollars.

Nearly 1750 Canadian patients have been given government approval to possess marijuana for pain control. Some patients (totaling just over 1000) have even been given the go-ahead to grow pot for themselves or have a friend grow the cannabis for them. But that’s going to change.

canadian weed legalisation

The Canadian government plans to cancel the licenses allowing patients to grow medical marijuana for their own use, as early as next year. So, patients needing medical weed to alleviate pain will have no choice but to pay Health Canada’s excessive prices. The Canadian goverment would also stop drug testing , it might be bad for those companies who sell detox products and fake pee for drug test, but these are minor issues.

The Canadian government began legally selling medical marijuana after scientific research provided data proving that marijuana eases pain when other pain medications fail.